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STABIPLAGEŽ technology

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The technology of STABIPLAGE® was developed with a view to offer a method of
soft coastal protection which is integrated perfectly into the natural environment as well from
an aesthetic point of view as of the respect of the sedimentary exchanges which governs the
dynamics and the geomorphology of this Environment.

Its technique, developed starting from a solid knowledge of the coastal Environments
and use of materials of high quality, uses the natural movements induced by the marine
dynamic factors to help the coastal zone to find a positive balance and a positive
sedimentary budget.


Treatment of fluvial and marine erosion by STABIPLAGE®
a soft and sustainable technique of coastline managementTreatment of fluvial and
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Respect of coastal sedimentary dynamic: no blocking action
The littoral Environment consists of a whole of immersed and emerged zones, which
are connected through transverse and longitudinal movements as well as hydrodynamic and
sedimentary ones. 
These zones can not live one without the other: they are the definition of the
coastal dynamic system.

STABIPLAGE® respects these exchanges because it does not block sediment drift.
It is based on natural exchanges and gives site a dynamic stability. STABIPLAGE® assists
the nature.
These works use a minimal space while offering an optimal solution.

Respect of the natural Environment
The installation of STABIPLAGE® does not need heavy means of technique.
When the environment allows it, the materials used for the injection are taken in-situ, which
avoids the inopportune frequentation of haulage machines.
In the contrary case, the quantity of material remains tiny : 150 m3 for 70 m of work.

The Ecosystems is preserved.
These concept obviously has positives consequences on the safeguarding of the site but also on the price of the operation.

The installation of STABIPLAGE®, immersed or emerged, avoids the too prolonged
presence of turbid cloud which can upset the ecological balance of the benthic or pelagic
Our technique, unceasingly in evolution, makes it possible to arrange artificial
ecological tricks on all the immersed works.

Moreover, its structure and its morphology are designed to give esthetically pleasing
results as the works cover themselves in the harnessed sand or river vegetable species.
In the event of discovered work, the action of the natural agents (fine tides, rains,
sands, sediments, etc.) attenuate gradually, and without danger, its clear colour.

The effectiveness of our works does not involve several works. Sometimes, only one
work is enough to control the erosion of the site.
Moreover, they use a reduced space: they avoid any vision of massive construction.
The aesthetic and the attraction of the beach are thus preserved.

Respect of the users
When they are emerged, the works do not present any danger to the yachtmen, the
bathers or the fishermen.
Before their natural covering, they appear as half-cylinder on which one is able to walk without difficulty and or any danger.
Due to their shell, one can go barefoot on it.

When they are immersed, their elliptic shape and their weak occupation of space avoid any
"iceberg" effect, dangerous for local navigation or the dive. The immersed STABIPLAGE® is
marked out and is located in the non navigable zone.

A fast and effective solution
The time of installation of a work of the type STABIPLAGE® is considerably lower
than the time required by the heavy works.
This time saving may be very significant when the sea threatens the infrastructure and the residential areas.
A direct impact on the local or regional economy or on the safety of the resident, involves a reduced reaction time and an effective method of protection. Effective means that the expected results are obtained.

A lasting solution
Very elaborate, the design of the STABIPLAGE® makes it possible to ensure a longterm
durability, major factor for the complete success of a project.
This longevity is beneficial for the Communities that uses this type of work: abolition of the cost maintenance.
The first version of the STABIPLAGE® was established on the beach of the
“Couarde en Ré” (FRANCE) in 1986. At this date, the works did not have a cost of

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