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Current events

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March 2017

 Since 2014, the beach managed by Pierre&Vacances' Group in Saint-Anne is protected by an immerged STABIPLAGE®.

This STABIPLAGE® allows breaking the waves and keeping the beach: 10 meters on its width and 120 meters on its length.

 Shellfishes and algae cover the STABIPLAGE® structure: it is a support for the biodiversity.

 Pierre&Vacances found the use of a second beach for their customers.



Spring 2016: official opening of the Pierre & Vacances Guadeloupian Resort's beach.This beach, designed and created by Espace Pur in collaboration with Guadeloupian companies, had disappeared few years ago and is now restored thanks to: 1 submerged STABIPLAGE® + a beach nourishment.= 10 meters wide on 120 meters long.

From 17th to 21st June : Béatrice CORNIC was at Jeanne d'Arc Mission in Vietnam.


On the 11th June, Espace Pur was at the 9th congress of French-Vietnamese decentralized cooperation in Brest.

STABIPLAGE® technology was presented through the Loc An project.





Participation at The Global Summit Of Women : Béatrice CORNIC is going to participate to the Global Summit of Women in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) from 6th to 8th of June.




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May 2013                                          

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction : Béatrice CORNIC was invited to the GPDRR. A famous seminar where only 200 professionals were invited among more than 4000 prestigious guests coming from all over the world.


April 2013                                                            

Crisalide prize for Espace Pur : Espace Pur specialized in coastal protection against erosion won the 17th April 2013 the eco-technology prize.

Thank's to this reward she competes CleanTech 2013.



September 2012

Espace pur participates to the EUROGEO 5 congress in Valencia Spain, where we have presented our gabonese road protection reference after monitoring of two years.

June 2012



Béatrice Cornic, manager, wen the "Jury price" of the competition "women entrepreneur in Brittany"        


September 2009


Espace Pur will be at the S.E.L. Exhibition - EUROPEAN EXHIBITION OF THE LITTORAL
at the « Parc des Expositions du Pays de Lorient » in Brittany - France, at LANESTER (Department 56),
from Tuesday 6 to Thursday 8th October 2009.

Come and visit us at the stand number 245 ! We will present you our technique, STABIPLAGE®.

You can get your badge admission for free by clicking on the web site link:





June 2009


Vietnam - VIFOTEC award

Thua Thien Hue Province, at the South of Vietnam, awards Espace Pur Company for the  protection of the littoral at Loc An after the laying of 8 STABIPLAGE® works in 2005. The main responsible of the client of Espace Pur, Mr Truong Than Cong, was present on behalf of Espace Pur Company and honourably received the price, which ended the same day with a reception at Hanoi Opéra on 15 avril 2009.

Some photos of this event 




May 2009


The protection of the Grande Plage of Graye-sur-Mer, in Calvados - Normandy, began in 2005, is ending. Works will be finished on 6th JUNE 2009!

Several steps of laying of STABIPLAGE® structures have been realized:

November 2005: 1 STABIPLAGE® of 50 meters and 1 STABIPLAGE® of 97 meters

September 2006: 1 STABIPLAGE® of 97 meters

March 2007: 2 STABIPLAGE® of 80 meters

January 2009: 2 STABIPLAGE® of 50 meters

Some photos from 2005 to 2009


January 2009

Along with the big storm in France that occurred at the end of the month of January, a notable witness, team member of the Town Council, has reported that « Some photos of our STABIPLAGE® groins, taken today [23 January 09] show how ... splendid they are; almost all are at their maximum level. The strong wind coming from the West allowed the top of the beach to be filled ... The space between the last 2 works of 50 meters, laid last weeks, is full and the level between the last work of 80 m and the one of 50m is higher.»

some photos

October 2008

Espace Pur  Company goes on protecting the Grande Plage of Graye sur Mer on the Nomandy coast. The implementation of two perpendicular works is currently taking place.

August 2008


The results of the scientific follow up of the STABIPLAGE® technique will be presented at the Xth national Days of the Génie Côtier Civil that will be held at Nice Sophia Antipolis on 14 and 16 october 2008. Both Mr Serge SUANEZ - Université de Bretagne Occidentale - and Mr Fabrice CAROL will show the results.

March 2008

March 2008 - Strong storms on French brittany coast: STABIPLAGE® plays its role as protector.

If the dune line has been particularly affected - collapsed in several places, the zones protected by the STABIPLAGE® proved to be much more resistant.

(see French press articles )
In the articles issued in French local newspapers, the lines in pink mean:
- DAMGAN site : " [ What you can see over there ] are the STABIPLAGE® works -a system that allows to decrease
the strengh of the waves when they come and smash on the coast", explains Yves Toudic,
in charge of the Technical Department of Damgan city.

The hide tide factor was 106.

LOCTUDY site: It has to be noted that the STABIPLAGE® works have played their role as they have maintained the sand on the beach.


More details:

Strong Storms on Brittany coast - France: STABIPLAGE® plays its role of protector

Having being announced by French Weather forecast and subject of the broadcasting of an alert report of orange level (on March 7th) from the Channel littoral to the Atlantic Loire estuary, violent tempests beat down on the Atlantic coasts, creating considerable damages on the coastal fringe. According to the naval prefecture in Brest, winds of 110km/h were recorded on the coastal region from the survey of day March 9th
as well as waves of 6-metre height out at sea.

Unfortunately, the conjunction of a strong coefficient of high tide (106)
during the open sea reinforced the destructive potential of these events.

STABIPLAGE ® protects dune lines and stakes of Damgan and Plobannalec – Brittany coast - France:

On the zone of Plobannalec-Loctudy-Lesconil (Dpt.29), if the dune line was particularly affected - collapsed in several places, the zone protected by STABIPLAGE® (5 works established at right angles of the coastline) proved to be much more resistant, as the works have in fact stabilized the sand on the beach and protected the dune line as well as rear zones.

On the coastal facade of the village of Damgan (Dpt.56), it is the man made wall of the seafront that collapsed; numerous roads were cut and many houses flooded.

Yves TOUDIC, representative for the Technical Services of the city of Damgan, specifies having never seen such phenomenon in 13 years. Therefore, it has to be noted that STABIPLAGE® played its role on the zone it protects, stabilizing the sand of the beach and allowing the attenuation of the incident waves, restricting thus their destructive impact.

These examples and evidence illustrate well that
it is not always the most "massive" or the "heaviest" works that protect most efficiently,
contrary to received ideas!

February 2008

The concept STABIPLAGE ® protects throughout the world. It captures and retains the volume of sediments

necessary for the protection of the coasts and this is realized in a friendly way without artificial inputs.


Before                                                             After
October 2007


ESPACE PUR has just completed important works to protect and to strengthen

one of the largest lagoons in South East Asia

Phu Thuan - August 2007

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ECOPLAYAS - International Congress of Beaches. Spain-

Fabrice CAROL in charge of Studies in sedimentology,

made a presentation on Friday, October 5 on "Scientific expertise

A technique for treating mild to sea erosion: STABIPLAGE ® drain structure.

Implementation on the beach "Les Sables Blancs" at Plobannalec-Lesconil (Finistère-Brittain) "
See also:




August 2007
STABIPLAGE ® explains its realization at one of the largest lagoons South-East Asia. (French: Article Mer & Littoral )

The final official reception meeting after having implemented the works - at Phu Thuan in Vietnam


November 2006


STABIPLAGE ® in the middle of typhoon
A survey showing resistance STABIPLAGE ®
during winter storms on our coasts and the passage of typhoons in Vietnam.


March 2006


Exhibitors at the show Oceanology International oi06 London. More than 4,000 visitors


Juin 2005


Winner of the European Competition innovative enterprise-class international (Junior Chamber Economic Cornish)

May 2005
Winner of the Contest "Créavenir" (Credit Mutuel de Bretagne)


January 2005


Expertise scientifique

Follow-up period: january 2005-september 2006 Asset analysis realized by l'U.B.O. and C.E.T.M.E.F.



















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