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Sea and ocean environment

Espace Pur > Sea and ocean environment

Sea and ocean environment

Recycling silt

Treatment for marine and wind erosion

 Technique avoiding ripple marks on the              beach, enabling stabilization and raising            the beach profile. 

Countervailing measures and solutions

Stabilization, sustainable management of the coastline



 The beach is the natural protection of the littoral. It absorbs the power of the waves; it is a buffer zone. 

In order to assumes its role of protection, the beach requires a sufficient volume of sand and Ša sufficient profile.
If the beach is in shortage of sandŠ, it will take the needed volume in the duneŠ.
We then speak about erosion.  


The objective of Espace Pur company is to assist the beach to be reshaped naturally.
The STABIPLAGE® technology was developed so that the beach can ensure its natural role of protection .
Each STABIPLAGE® solution is tailor-made, depending of each site. 

Before After with STABIPLAGE®
Before After with STABIPLAGE®




If you wish to receive theTechnical Marin file of the STABIPLAGE®, please contact us:


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