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Lake and river environment

Espace Pur > Lake and river environment

Lake and river environment


    Protection of river banks

   Regulation of river and of estuary sediment flows

    Storm detention facilities, flood




Creation of artificial banks with the STABIPLAGE® The STABIPLAGE® can be used as a core in the construction of dune or artificial banks.

This configuration gives an aesthetic   solution  and makes safe  urban or cultivated areas, liable to flooding.

The absence of banks or their brittleness, often involves submersions from the rivers 

This solution which preserves the attraction of the site, guarantees a stable and safe core, ultimate rampart against the flood, even in case of important immersion which would involve the removal of loose materials or embankments.

With the objective of a covering and a vegetable stabilization, the permeability of theworks and the roughness of the cover enable the vegetation to take rootand ensure the requested drainage for the soil's life.








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